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Monday, January 25, 2010

Panties 4

Item 4         RM12.00

Follow the Clockwise

Item 4-1 : Pink star (Black)
Item 4-2 : Pink dot (Black)
Item 4-3 : Leopard pattern (Pink)
Item 4-4 : Lovely heart (White/ Black)
Item 4-5 : Pink Blossom (Black)
Item 4-6 : Flora (Black/ Chocolate) SOLD OUT

Detail photos:

Front view

Back view

Worried wat's the size? 
can fit?
 the materials?
Dun worry~~~ 
Show everything now^^

Here's the materials for all the panties.

75% Cotton
25% Spandex
Size: Free

How FREE size is it?
Let's find out.
It's very flexible and stretchable.

* Can even reach 40 cm!!
So, dun worry~

If got any inquiry, pls e-mail me,

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