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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Opening GIVEAWAY!!!

New Opening
Opening Giveaway!!! 

Hello everyone~
New online shop and hope everyone enjoy it~
And make a small GIVEAWAY for everyone^^
Only the LUCKY one can get this prize

1 TEE + 2 panties
(Which worth RM43.00 !!! )

1. Open to Malaysian readers only (apologies to the international readers)

2. Must be a follower of my blog or just subscribe to this blog.

3. Post a comment about

give your follower ID and email address
(To gain 3 more entries, jz spread this news in ur blog, then leave the link here)

4. The winner will be selected via a random software. The winner will be notified via this blog and email. 

5. Closing date 11 February 2010 12 morning (Coz it's my birthday, haha)

Thanks for participate and hope u guys can spread this news to others oso. ^^

Tee # 1

Unisex TEE
Gals can wear, Guys can wear
Superb Nice Quality!!!

Tee   1     RM18
Guy's size, oversize for gals

Tee   2     RM18
Gal's size, sorry guys~

2 Color available: Black/ White

Tee   3     RM18
Guy's size, oversize for gals

Tee   4     RM18

Back view

Panties 1

Thinking about Vaentine Gift? 
Valentine Surprise?

Here you go~
Nice, cute, a little bit sexy

It's time to have some new try

Buy 3 pcs
get Free 1 more pcs!!
Free postage !!!

Buy 5 pcs, 
Free 2 pcs + postage !!! 

Here's the photos for ready stock.

Item 1    RM12.00

Color: from the right to left

Red, White, Black, Purple and Pink
white and pink SOLD OUT dy~~

Front view

Back view

Panties 2 and 3

Item 2     RM12.00
Color: from the right to left
Top: Pink, Black, Gold, Light Pink
Bottom: Red, White, Purple, Blue


Item 3      RM12.00
Color: from the right to left
Top: Green, Pink
Bottom: Brown, Grey

Front view

Back view

Panties 4

Item 4         RM12.00

Follow the Clockwise

Item 4-1 : Pink star (Black)
Item 4-2 : Pink dot (Black)
Item 4-3 : Leopard pattern (Pink)
Item 4-4 : Lovely heart (White/ Black)
Item 4-5 : Pink Blossom (Black)
Item 4-6 : Flora (Black/ Chocolate) SOLD OUT

Detail photos:

Front view

Back view

Worried wat's the size? 
can fit?
 the materials?
Dun worry~~~ 
Show everything now^^

Here's the materials for all the panties.

75% Cotton
25% Spandex
Size: Free

How FREE size is it?
Let's find out.
It's very flexible and stretchable.

* Can even reach 40 cm!!
So, dun worry~

If got any inquiry, pls e-mail me,

New Year Promotion

user posted image New year promotion: user posted image 

Buy 5 pieces and above, 
can entitle RM1 discount for each item.

Buy 10 pieces and above,RM1.50 discount per item.

Buy 20 pieces and above,RM2 discount per item.

Very very NICE promotion,

and festivals in the future. (have to wait long long time,haha)

Payment method

user posted imagePayment method:user posted image

Public bank

To get my account number,
Sms (016-2213012)
E-mail ( 

Delivery method

Delivery method

Pos Laju/ Registered Mail

1 piece RM4 Registered mail (WM and EM)
1-3 pieces: RM6 Pos Laju (WM) RM9(EM)
4-5 pieces: RM7 Pos Laju (WM) RM11(EM)
6-7 pieces: RM8 POs Laju (WM) RM13(EM)
8-9 pieces: RM9 Pos Laju (WM) RM15(EM)
10-11 pieces: RM10 Pos Laju (WM) RM17(EM)
11 pieces and above: Additional RM1 per item

COD available at Wangsa Maju or any LRT station (for 5 pieces and above)

Terms and Conditions - Ready Stock

user posted imageTerms and conditions:user posted image

 No CANCELLATION/EXCAHANGE for items reserved. Items will reserve by payment done.
 Serious buyer only.
 Goods sold are not refundable/exchangeble.

❤ All prices are exclusive LOCAL POSTAGE.
❤ All pictures shown may be vary from the actual stock. If you are sensitive on this, please don't make any order.
❤ Please order at your own risk and interpretation (the material, brand, cutting).
❤ The measurement given may vary in 2-3CM.
We do not accept the following questions and ask for replacement of: - off-line, small delays, cloth thin, transparent, good quality car side different color, imbalance both side, dirty marks and subjective questions (do not like the style. Different quality and imagination), and photographs are not the same, different size, wearing uncomfortable. 
❤ Not responsible for any losses or damage during the shipping
❤ Please made ur payment within 48 hours after confirmation of order .

❤ 100% Refund will be made IF your order is Out Of Stock.
❤ No refund if cancel of order after settle payment.
❤ Please inform us once you have settled the payment.
❤ Term & Condition is change without prior notices.